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Hello, and welcome once again to the site. My name is Steven Hadjopoulos, and I am the founder of the band Yesterdaze Child. I started this band in the late 90's to record a library of songs that I had written during the last 25 years or so. What started out as a recording project grew into a touring band which lasted thru the late 90's until 2002 when the band broke up. The debut CD was released in the summer of 2001 and the songs are here posted on the site. The songs 3-11 listed are from the 1st CD, but I am happy to announce that I will be coming out very soon with a 2nd CD/Album, "POLITICAL EVOLUTION. The 1st single off our new CD/Album "POLITICAL EVOLUTION" is up and ready to listen to and purchase. Video is in production and will be uploaded soon. The 2nd single from the 2nd CD/Album is "THE JOINT SONG" it's also up and ready to listen to and purchase. "THE JOINT SONG", Steve Hadjopoulos Rhythm Guitar/Harmony Vocals, Samantha Hughes Lead Vocals, Shannon Lipe Harmony Vocals, Ed Lipe, on Drums. We had a special appearance on the, "The Joint Song," by 2 time Grammy Award Winner Mr. Chris Sharp, on Banjo, and his beautiful wife, Sachie Sharp, on the violin, and Mr. Chris Cordell, on the bass guitar.  has special guest, 2 time Grammy winner Chris Sharp on Banjo and his wife Sachie Sharp on Violin and Chris Cordell on Bass. I will be posting an additional 11 songs as we finish them up. THE NEW (2nd) CD/ALBUM BAND MEMBERS- "YESTERDAZE CHILD STUDIO BAND", Steven Hadjopoulos-Founding member, Rhythm Guitar/ Vocals/Harmony Vocals, Samantha Hughes Lead Vocals, Shannon Lipe Harmony Vocals, Troy Whitson Lead Guitar, Tom Brock Bass Guitar, and My buddy Ryan on the Drums. 

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